Alita: Battle Angel Review

I go over with Battle Angel: Alita. my thoughts and review on last movie I watched with a friend of mine.

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GoldMoney + SchiffGold Partnership.


GoldMoney announces a new online portal to purchase Coins and Bars on SchiffGold inside of GoldMoney Holdings.

If you guys wanna …

Stream Wars and Jerome Powell 60 Interview Take.

Today I go over a podcast I've been listening to for sometime call Stream Wars.  My take on the show and its a fun listen I recommend you guys listen to then I go over my take on Jerome …

ZeroHedge Ban on Facebook and Mene's New GoldMoney checkout feature!

Today I talking about the banning of ZeroHedges benning of Facebook my two cent on the story and then I go belief Mene's new checkout payment using …

My Situation 1st BONUS EP!

Not always I'll ever talk about myself very short content I'll be doing once in a while on my podcast, If you are interested what I have to say do let me know and let's engage and leave …

Apple Podcast confuses podcasters on Meta set-up, Anchor Labs and More retail layoffs.

Today's Podcast was very much of a podcast segment, off of today's episode.

Today i give my take on Apple Podcast's "Optimize your show's metadata and resubmit RSS feeds in Podcasts Connect

Dark Times Ahead, Watch Out The Bears are approaching!

Today's Valentine's Episode I'll be discussiing on the unprecedented 22 Trillion Debt Mark and my comment on the scariest precedent we have reached that'll tank the U.S economically as well …

RE: EU votes to adopt controversial copyright law that could destroy the internet

Continuing talks off the copyright law from my online friend Michael Burgess, Great from him and I am gonna continue to talk about issues like this and I will continue the danger internet …

Ep.11 Talk Show Experiment Live Podcast

Very first live talk show podcast I have done on Twitch. Something I wanted to do far sometime now. It wasn't bad at all. Only got to talk about two subjects Monday evening.

Enjoy! I love to …

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Ep 6 The De-Platforming of Alex Jones, The Future of Creators

This just came out since in the last 24 hrs. This had to be said and done! I fine censorship to be very wrong and will not take it.

If you like to leave me a message about the Alex Jones …

Ep.2 Learning experience through my recent South Florida.

Looking back of my vacation experience in Miami, Florida. What I experienced and learned through my vacation.

I decided to explore something different and talk about my experience something …

Ep.1 YouScrewed, YouTube in collaboration with MSM

Today's episode will be news on the latest YouTube News that was announced that they will work with Journalism putting their videos in the top of …

Ep. 0 Leon La Grey Introduction

Welcome to my introductory pod-cast. I am a technologist, I talk about my background on computers & electronics. Every week I'll be doing weekly …

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Start listening to Sen Mike Lee from Utah Uses Star Wars, Aquaman and Sharknado to Refute The Green New Deal, Internet's biggest Meme.
Start listening to Sen Mike Lee from Utah Uses Star Wars, Aquaman and Sharknado to Refute The Green New Deal, Internet's biggest Meme.