TOP 5 Online Class Sites

Distance e-learning is a modern method of distance learning using computer systems. Many classes are already using it, while others are pondering whether or not it will pay off.

The Popularity of Distance Online Class Sites in Modern Education

Online class sites are computer-assisted distance learning systems. In essence, this is a more perfect version of the familiar self-study book. The student studies a topic and then performs the test – if the result of the knowledge test was positive, then the student proceeds to study a new topic for him, if not, then the automated learning system offers to get acquainted with additional literature, take another lesson. Information is presented in different ways: video and audio materials, pictures, animation are used. No paper tutorial provides such multimedia capabilities. If necessary, the system administrator can change the content by pressing a few keys.

Distance learning at school is carried out using a variety of tools. Most of the teachers use e-mail, skype, groups in the social network, web 2.0 technology. E-mail allows you to quickly exchange information, send individual assignments, but it is not always a convenient tool for conducting training due to limited opportunities. Social networks are the area for general discussions, information exchange, and video calls. As practice has shown, the videoconferencing system is most actively used in distance learning. Most educators and students have experience with Skype.

This program is well adapted for video conferencing, but the free version is limited in the number of simultaneous user connections. The analog of this program is the ooVoo program. This program supports the simultaneous connection of up to 12 users in video communication mode. All users have the opportunity to see their interlocutors and share their desktops. In addition to voice and video communication, the ooVoo program supports text messages, and also allows you to transfer files, it is possible to record conversations, call mobile phones, send special video messages, and apply various effects.

Our Recommendation on the Best 5 Online Class Sites

Most teachers do not consider distance learning to be a quality form, for a number of reasons, for the areas of training, the greatest component of which is practice, the distance learning format remains much less effective in quality than full-time, distance learning is not suitable for areas of training, an essential aspect which is communication with people and teamwork. In addition, there are no guarantees that the work performed by the student is done by him independently, since it is impossible to provide a sufficient level of control, the quality of the education received largely depends on the student himself. That is why there are 5 the best online class sites:

  1. Edx.
  2. LinkedIn Learning.
  3. Udemy.
  4. Udacity.
  5. Skillshare.

At the moment, electronic online class sites, like udemy vs coursera, should be considered as an effective addition to traditional teaching methods. At the same time, the effect of their use will be noticeable in large organizations, in situations when employees are in different territories and it is necessary to give them knowledge. Separately, it is worth noting the positive impact of distance learning in cases where it complements traditional education. In the near future, distance e-learning may become a real competitor to traditional methods of personnel training. The emergence of universal and affordable reality simulators, for example, will make it possible to abandon the services of driving schools.